About Me

I am a creative, design professional, leader and mentor with extensive project management experience from concept to completion. I possess great problem-solving skills, excel at strategic thinking and I enjoy telling a great story or providing the best-in-class user experiences. I am multimedia specialist and I have years of experience in video production, motion graphics, digital photography, UX Design, web design and team building.

I began my career as a cinematographer and video director. I have created numerous projects over the years including documentaries, films and commercials. As I grew as an artist I began to explore other creative mediums and I have honed my skills in web design, photography and graphic design in addition to video and motion graphics. I believe that when tasked with solving a creative problem there is an infinite number of ways to tell a compelling story or to connect with an audience.

Having exposed myself to different disciplines, gives me a unique mixture of experience and prospective. You can never truly master an infinite number of skills however having a number of skills at your disposal gives you many more options and possibilities to explore. I invite you to connect with me to collaborate and talk about the problems we can solve together.