UX Reflective Journaling Week 2

UX Reflective Journaling Week 2

Week 2 started off a little shorter than most, due to the memorial day weekend. The unofficial end to summer meant distractions were inevitable. Still, I managed to carve some time out of play to get some reading done. What stuck with me after the readings though were chapter three of ” The Design of Everyday Things.”

Once again Don delivered on some concepts that will prove useful in later courses in this program and even beyond. The need to create products and allow the user to complete a task easily is not only an advantage but built into how our brains work. After the reading, I began to take a closer look at some of the products that I currently and started to notice where they fell short.

Technical Difficulties.

During my weekly submission, I hit a snafu on posting. While still mid-type, I accidentally hit the “Enter” button on my keyboard. The post was submitted unfinished. I had to then enter the rest as a comment to myself. With no clear way to edit my post-post-submission. Is Blackboard designed well?

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  1. Kelsey Pytlik says:

    I would say NO, blackboard is not designed very well! There are a lot of things I would change—especially on the instructor side, the entire grade center is sort of a mess. 🙂

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