UX Reflective Journaling Week 4

UX Reflective Journaling Week 4

Week 4 not only represents the end to a long week, I think for me it represents the most challenging one to date. I wanted to take a little more time with the main assignment since it required research and practice to get it right. One thing that a learned quickly, was that based on the persona, we were given, the user or in this case the title insurance agents needed a tool that would allow them to work faster. I hope my solution does that.

I also wanted to ensure that my tool contained functionality that would allow for fewer errors by adding built-in restrictions. I also enjoyed reading the last two chapters of “Design of Everyday Things”. Norman delivers a few great points and wraps up the book with some things to think about for the future. On to Module 3!

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I am what some would call a "jack of all trades. I enjoy all forms of creative expression, I believe everyone has a story to tell and it is all worth listening to. My true passion lies the pursuit of creative knowledge and understanding.

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Jan Morris a "Jack of all trades" worked with small with businesses, start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, and globally renowned industry leaders. His skills include Photography and Photo Editing, Web Design and Development, Video Production and Editing, Branding and Identity Design, and digital design deliverables.

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