UX Reflective Journaling Week 5

UX Reflective Journaling Week 5

We have arrived! Welcome to week five. As a designer the remaining the module and weeks feel a bit more familiar and safe for me. This week covered layout and grids. I felt good about the materials and was actually pleasantly surprised by the supplemental reading this week. It was very interesting and I got to learn a little more about the history of grids and how they are used in design as early as the Rennaissance.

I liked the amount of reading that we had as well, it didn’t feel as heavy and it gave me a little more time to absorb the information. I look forward to next week’s typography topic. Many designers including myself that started during the digital age of design, tend to be less comfortable with advanced typography. I think this is a due to us not having to hand kern or layout print documents, so maybe the craft is being lost?

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I am what some would call a "jack of all trades. I enjoy all forms of creative expression, I believe everyone has a story to tell and it is all worth listening to. My true passion lies the pursuit of creative knowledge and understanding.

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  1. Kelsey says:

    Glad you are feeling solid with this last module! I’m sure your classmates without design backgrounds appreciate your insight.

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