Client: Eduphoria

Role: Product Design

Duration: 12 weeks

Platform: Web App


Eduphoria is an education technology company based out of McKinney Texas. Their solutions provide: curriculum management, professional development, and assessment analytics meet to optimize the experience of students and teachers, highlight areas for growth, and provide important data to inform evidence-based decisions about pedagogy and curriculum content.

The business need

Eduphoria was in need of solution that allowed educator to gather confindence data from students when they take a test.

The solution

Students lack opportunities to own their learning and provide feedback. This leads to teachers being unable to effectively provide individualized student intervention activities when needed, due to a lack of information from each student. So I worked internally with team of PM, Engineers and Front-End Developers to create a solution. The solution allows student to rate their own confidence. This data can then be used by educators to create learning tailored to individual student's needs.

The Results

Delivering the Student Confidence Rating feature for the Aware app, helped increased software adoption by 50%. And also increased subscriber software renewals for 2023. After launching the feature we saw a marked increase in the amount of subsciber upgrades to our premium package. It also laid the groundwork for Eduphoria Homeroom a suite of student specific tools coming later.

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