UX Reflective Journaling Week 1

UX Reflective Journaling Week 1

So here we are, after one week of taking the UX course. Full disclosure, before deciding to take this course I attempted to apply for a few full-time UX jobs. With my design experience, I felt like I had the necessary tools and experience to “Fake it till you make it”. I was mistaken, there are so many nuances in UX that one has to learn, and so far I am glad I decided to go down this path of learning and enlightenment.

After completing all the exercises reading and videos, I wanted to highlight what had the most impact on my week. Reading “The Design of Everyday Things” by Don Norman took the cake. I was really impressed by how it broke down the important concepts in UX and design while relating it to real-world situations. Specifically I liked learning about “affordances”. An affordance is a term that describes when a physical object can convey important information on how you can use them.

Using affordances in design is a tool I plan to use moving forward. They allow users to quickly learn how to use something naturally without the need for manuals or excessive tutorials. As I continue in the course and beyond it will be interesting to see how these concepts translate to both physical and digital products. I am excited about the new exciting world of UX.

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