UX Reflective Journaling Week 3

UX Reflective Journaling Week 3

I think this was a rather great end to a very informative week. During this week’s readings, we can an opportunity to dive deeper into human psychology. And around why people make mistakes and how we can design to help avoid them. It was interesting to learn that slips tend to happen more to people who have mastered a specific task. As the brain automates the process, it also increases the chances of missing an important step.

I loved the exercise, we did on redesigning the monitoring experience. It was great that I was finally able to begin to think like a UXer and about ways that we can solve problems and prevent new ones from happening. The only aspect which I didn’t like was having to draw. I have become so accustomed to the electronic tools that I got a little rusty. Great week!

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  1. Kelsey says:

    The freehand sketching can feel a bit foreign, but it helps to pull back and just think about the elements vs. trying to learn a new tool or perfect an old one!

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