Giving back feels good, and it’s worth doing at least once a year. A lot of us as creative professionals, tend to get caught up in the day to day hustle. And whether that involves the freelancer that goes from project to project or the steady day job creative pro, taking time to donate services, feels good and it’s the right thing to do.

The ask

Last fall, at work we were asked to give some of our time and talent to some local non-profits in the Austin Texas. We were split up into teams and worked as mini-agencies to help these non-profits with their marketing efforts. My team consisted of a project manager, a social media expert, or marketing automation expert, and myself the video expert.

Over the next few days, we met with the business, scheduled interviews and scouted for potential shooting locations. Then we met with them shot the videos. Of which we used to create the main video, a short cut and a few other small ones for content on social. We followed some of the main principles for content creation.

Key takeaways

No matter the task, giving back makes you feel good about yourself, and your work. Doing something for someone often gives you a real emotional connection to the project. Donating your time builds your personal and company brand. This kind of goes without saying, people involved in the project will not only appreciate your work but will usually approach you first for potential work down the road. 

Learn more about Avance and how you can help by donating.

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