So here is something we don’t talk about every day. What exactly do I mean by “your brand’s reputation? Is this even a real thing? Is my brand in great shape? To answer that question we must first talk about a few of the things that are necessary to maintain your brand’s reputation. The first and probably the most obvious one is Marketing.

According to article Brand Marketing over on “The main aim of brand marketing is to make a brand more personable and appealing to consumers.” It further goes on to speak about the growing immunity to corporate advertising. How you market your brand and your services has to change. Potential customers have become immune to advertising. Besides, more and more people are choosing brands that share their values.

How are you demonstrating your values in the market?

We have entered a new era that has seen a resurgence in community activism and demonstrations. People have become sensitive to how companies affect change. Brands are now required to express their beliefs and be genuine. Are they donating resources to a good cause? Do they create programs that help or give back to the community? How do they treat their employees?

Your employees are one of your top brand advocates. They will aid you in spreading that message. This shouldn’t feel forced but it should be encouraged. Maybe it’s a hashtag that you come up with that they use whenever they want to share something about your brand. A potential customer will often do research not just on reviews. If they have friends or family members working at the company, then this will become another source of information.

Representation in your marketing

One of the key tenets of good marketing is creating a feeling of belonging. Humans are social creatures. We want to feel like are a part of a community of like-minded people. A safe place where similar ideas can be expressed, re-enforced, and shared. When a potential customer is looking at your brand, do they see themselves in your marketing? Diverse advertising is a good way to start. Make your marketing stand out by being inclusive.

The great thing is you are not limited to just stock imagery. The use of diverse illustrations can also help you tell your story. Explore these options and give new and potential customers a voice before they interact with your brand for the first time. Let them feel welcome, let them feel that sense of belonging.

Safeguarding your reputation

These are just a few of the steps that you can begin to take to get started. To recap. Provide value in your communications, people are becoming immune to being sold to. Affect change and express your values externally and internally. People are starting to choose brands that they feel share their values. Create inclusive marketing and communication materials. Representing a diverse set of users helps people to visualize themselves using your products. It also helps them feel like they belong to the community. With these steps, you will be well on your way to creating a better brand reputation.

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